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GCDirect, a direct marketing firm from Seattle WA, brings its combined experience from across many B2C and B2B business categories and applies sound strategy and creative to reach your goals —and exceed them.
Let's get started. Areas of Interest:
     Marketing Automation
     New Ideas
     Online Marketing
     Offline Marketing

Take your marketing program to the next level with a fresh perspective, targeted channels and new messaging ideas.

Your customers and prospects interact with your company through multiple channels, from your web site to customer service; from brickmortar encounters to emails and web forms.  As marketers, we need to meet customers and prospects where they want to be met, and then talk to them about something that interests them, providing a brand experience that is more than marketing-speak.

GCDirect specializes in helping organizations successfully communicate in this diluted marketing landscape, first with effective data strategies and second with relevant creative, content and execution that produce results.


"I love the fact that they [GCDirect] help me think through the campaign. I don’t have a lot of resources to help me. I hear horror stories about people getting exactly what they asked for, but they asked for the wrong thing from other vendors — terrible list, creative, everything done wrong. They [GCDirect] protect you from yourself."

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