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GCDirect, a direct marketing firm from Seattle WA, brings its combined experience from across many B2C and B2B business categories and applies sound strategy and creative to reach your goals —and exceed them.
Let's get started. Areas of Interest:
     Marketing Automation
     New Ideas
     Online Marketing
     Offline Marketing

Companies call GCDirect for a myriad of special marketing challenges. We’ve helped launch medical clinics, preloaded with new patients, launched new products and services and even helped populate public relations events with gardening guru Ciscoe Morris!

Our consulting style is collaborative. In other words, we learn what you know, and then we add what we know to create a perfect solution. Give us a call with your special project, and we’ll tell you how we can help:

  • Customer Research and Surveys
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Database Construction
  • Marketing Needs Analysis
  • Product and Business Launch

A checkup for your marketing program.

A great way to move forward with your program is to try our Marketing Diagnostic Service.

Marketing programs need a tune-up now and then. But even more so in this fast-paced environment when technology can deliver analytics and results so rapidly.

The first step in any tune-up is a diagnostic analysis to see how things are working now. GCDirect specializes in helping companies look at the big picture of their marketing programs. What are your assets? Are you using them to their highest efficiency? For example, in nearly all companies, data mining is a challenge. We can help with that!

Is your company making good use of leads data collected through all channels? What marketing efforts are giving you a solid ROI? What efforts drain your department with little return? We have developed an abbreviated consulting engagement to quickly identify areas where you can make gains and others where you can save budget.

Marketing diagnostic — how it works.

  1. We provide a process plan for you to fill out.
  2. We meet for a brainstorm session about what is happening now.
  3. We analyze the materials and programs gathered.
  4. We deliver a presentation and a plan for making improvements.

And it costs a lot less than you might think. Marketing directors love to use this service as a gut check for their quarterly programs.

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