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GCDirect, a direct marketing firm from Seattle WA, brings its combined experience from across many B2C and B2B business categories and applies sound strategy and creative to reach your goals —and exceed them.
Let's get started. Areas of Interest:
     Marketing Automation
     New Ideas
     Online Marketing
     Offline Marketing

Sales teams love GCDirect because we take their needs seriously. They need a stream of qualified leads to work and convert to sales. We’ve worked with a wide range of companies needing to feed sales. In the Puget Sound region, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a software company. So we have vast experience working with some of the highest profile tech firms on the West Coast.

We begin the process by including sales in a brainstorming session to get their insights and buy-in. And then we craft highly targeted, relevant communications, using tried and true tactics to deliver leads to their mailstop, inbox and telephone. From identifying interest to automated nurture programs, GCDirect helps keep the pipeline full.

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